You Won't Believe The Dumb Reasons These 31 Stars Were Mom-Shamed

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Hey, everybody? CTFD.

It's no surprise celebrities live under a microscope. But what has been surprising over the last few years is the rise in rampant mom-shaming on the Internet. And how often that microscope is pointed at celebrity moms who thought they were just posting a cute kid pic on Instagram, only to be greeted with a hailstorm of hateful commentary.

No doubt, people feel entitled to rail against celebrities because their lives seem easier and more glamorous. And it's never been easier to anonymously and loudly judge someone. Anybody with a social media account can whip off a scathing insult faster than they could ever form a measured, non-hysterical opinion (though we're not sure these people actually have those).

Maybe the Internet is bringing out the worst in moms everywhere (and yes, it is usually other moms doing the holier-than-thou shaming) or maybe it's just highlighting the bitterness of people who feel the need to criticize a celebrity because she goes out to dinner (AND HAS A BABY!)

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