29 Favorite 'The Voice' Singers Then... And Now

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Did they rock out or flame out?

In the world of reality TV, it can be hard to find true talent. But when it comes to shows like The Voice there is no shortage to be found. Whether wowing us with their transformations into high-powered performers or simply charming us with consistently gorgeous, no-frills singing, if you're a fan of the show, you'll definitely have some favorite contestants.

From the talented-beyond-their-years teenagers to the power ballad belters, the hard rockers to folk/country singer-songwriters, The Voice has seen it all since its debut in 2011. During its 13 seasons, fan favorites have been former child actors, teenage farm boys, giddy high-schoolers, cancer survivors, classically trained opera singers and parents who wanted their children to see mom or dad going for their dreams.

Due to the combination of the show's format (often touching backstory + blind auditions) and the audience's ability to vote for their favorites and the eventual winner, viewers' allegiance to certain singers is strong. Kind of like a favorite sports team, whether their favorite wins or not, the audience stands by them, rooting all the way.

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