33 Celebrities Who Became Grandparents Super Young

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#28 is a great grandmother??

Normally, when you think "grandparent," you think old, wise, and patient -- as in, not Charlie Sheen. But somehow, the 52-year-old Sheen is a grandparent of a small child. In fact, there are a lot of celebrity grandparents whom you wouldn't immediately peg as such -- in some cases because they're too young, and in some cases because they're too erratic or irresponsible. Some are just so closely associated with being teen stars or paragons of youthful attractiveness that the mere idea of them having children -- let alone grandchildren -- is too much for some people to handle. Actually, there are some celebrities on this list, like Sheen, whom you wouldn't immediately peg as being a parent to begin with. The thought of them begetting offspring and then raising them without accidentally killing them -- and then helping those offspring raise their own offspring -- is off-brand. But on the flip side, this list might give you hope that you, too, can become a grandparent one day despite being a total hot mess. If Charlie Sheen can be a grandparent, then you can too -- or at least you can get out of bed and go do something with your day. Get Started