RIP: 29 Tragic Times Entertainers Lost Their Lives While Performing

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They went out doing what they loved.

A lot goes into making death scenes onscreen and onstage look realistic... but what about those times performers ACTUALLY lost their lives in the middle of doing their chosen profession? Astonishingly, many actors, musicians, athletes and media personalities have in fact shockingly passed away in front of the cameras or a live audience.

You may remember beloved, kindly John Ritter, best known as Jack Tripper on Three's Company. Years after making that sitcom, he was rehearsing for an episode of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter when he collapsed suddenly due to a heart issue. Then there was the famous case of animal researcher and TV personality Steve Irwin, who got a stingray to the heart while filming his wildlife series. The hair band Great White flamed out when their guitarist expired after a fire erupted at the Rhode Island club they were playing. And R.I.P. to singer Tiny Tim, who tiptoed through the tulips of heaven after suffering a fatal heart attack at a ukulele festival.

This isn't a modern-day phenomenon, either. Since there have been stage performers, there have been untimely events like this. Read on for more disturbing and surprising people who you may not know really passed away while performing! Get Started